Chat Groups

Chat Groups are designed to provide on-going support for parents in regional small-group settings throughout the greater Sacramento area. Chat group members also sponsor and organize activities, field trips, group learning classes and parties for the children, often enjoying group discounts for these activities. Those inquiring may attend three meetings or activities before deciding to become subscribers. All chat group members must be SCOPE members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for being a SCOPE CHAT Group member?

To be a Chat Group member, you must be a private Christian home educator and a SCOPE members. You may participate in three meetings or events before deciding to join a Chat Group. To join SCOPE, obtain a form from your Chat Group leader or go to SCOPE website register online.

Who are the Chat Group meetings for?

Any SCOPE member interested in learning more about the particulars of home education, and looking to enjoy the help, encouragement, guidance, advice, listening ear, and fellowship Chat Groups offer.
Dads are welcome, too!

Where are the Chat Group meetings held?

Meetings are held at a Chat Group member’s home, a library, church, or other convenient location.

How do I become a member of a Chat Group?

Simply become a SCOPE member, let a Chat Group leader know you would like to become a part of the group, and participate. Usually families participate in the Chat Group closest to their home, but sometimes a Chat Group in another location better fits your family. Some Chat Groups may ask you to fill out a “Member Profile” in order to get to know you and serve you more effectively. Chat Group leaders and members are truly interested in you and in helping you fulfill your role as a home educating parent.

What is required of me once I join a Chat Group?

Participation, such as planning a field trip, helping out in an event, or hosting a meeting is a great way to become a part of the group and is encouraged in some groups and required in others. Participation by everyone in the work helps make the work light and helps solidify a sense of being part of the group. In addition, some Chat Groups decide amongst themselves to contribute an amount annually to help pay for the Chat Group’s office supplies, gift certificates for guest speakers, and miscellaneous supplies for parties and events and call this their ‘dues.’

Can I bring a friend to a meeting/event?

Any Private Christian home educator is welcome to visit a Chat Group’s meetings or events to see what they are all about. They may visit up to three times before joining SCOPE.

What topics are discussed at the meetings?

Meeting topics focus on what Chat Group members want to learn about and discuss. How to teach a science (or math, spelling or any other subject), important reference books and software to have on hand, school schedules, record keeping, transcripts, chores, or any of innumerable topics are just some of the possibilities. Feel free to give your Chat Group leader input as to what you would like to see presented or discussed at the meetings.

What is the roster, who has it and how is it used?

A roster is a list of each Chat Group Member and pertinent information (address, phone number, email address, etc.) to be used strictly for Chat Group Member purposes. It is given ONLY to other members of your Chat Group and the Chat Group Director of SCOPE’s Board of Directors.

What is Oral Presentation or Reading Rally Day?

This is a once-a-month opportunity for students to speak in front of a group of parents and students. Each child gives a presentation, anything from an oral book report to a science or history report to the recitation of Scripture to playing an instrument or singing a song, etc. This gives the student a chance to grow in their public speaking and presentation skills and to have an audience outside their family to appreciate some of what the student is learning.

What do the children do together?

There are many opportunities for students to get together throughout a month. Field trips, park days, oral presentation days, preschool play-dates, and, of course, getting together on an individual basis with others in the group for fun, shared teaching (co-ops), etc. SCOPE children may also participate in large group activities see Events tab on SCOPE website, such as choir, band, PE opportunities, and more. There is really no end to how involved your children can be.

What annual events or parties do Chat Groups schedule?

Each Chat Group decides what events and parties they will organize for their group. Some may include a yearly Thanksgiving feast, a gingerbread house craft day in December, a visit a local convalescent home on Valentines’ day, an Open House at the “end” of the school year, or a “end of the year” or “back to school” party. There are also regularly scheduled SCOPE-wide field trips, Annual Family Picnic, Annual Family Discipleship &  Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair, Project Fair, Talent Showcase, Lego Night and a number of other activities.

What if I have more questions?

Your Chat Group Leader and the SCOPE website at are both  good sources of information for you. You can also leave a message at (916) 668-0401 and your message will be forwarded to the person who can best help you. If you are new to home education, you may want to attend our monthly “Introduction to Home Education”  workshop. Let the Chat Group Director ( know if you are interested.

Reach SCOPE at or (530) 830-2606.

SCOPE is here to SUPPORT you!

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