SCOPE Membership Renewal

Membership runs September 1 through August 31 of each school year.

If you are a current member and would like to renew your membership please follow the following steps:


  • Check that your profile is up-to-date but DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT (if you need to change your email that is associated with your membership, please follow directions on the next page)
  • Choose appropriate options from the drop down menus near the bottom of the form and click “Update”
  • Profiles are a record of information, associated with each registered user. User profiles are subject to periodic audits, to determine their validity. Registered users may be asked to confirm, provide, update, remove or correct information contained in their profile. Failure to reasonably comply may result in the revocation of a user’s login credentials without notification or recourse. has the implicit right to access, update, correct or moderate information contained in a user profile at any time.
Please login to edit your profile.

**California regulations require the membership category is filled in**


Read over the SCOPE’s Terms and Conditions for membership.


Once you have clicked “Updated” and you see the message, “Your profile has been updated”, click here to renew.


Print the Member Registration Form and mail it in along with a check made payable to:

1911 Douglas Blvd Suite 85-245
Roseville, CA 95661