SCOPE Can Be Helpful

Short on money, but need curriculum? Ask at your Chat Group or look at the SCOPE Library.

Our Used Book Sale won’t come around until next summer, but until then, ask at your Chat Group (and other Chat Groups) if someone has curriculum to sell or borrow, look in the newsletter for bargains, or explore possible sources in the SCOPE Library.

Not sure you want to teach how to dissect all those frogs and things for Biology Lab? Ask around in your Chat Group or the SCOPE Teen Student Life Group, and look in the SCOPE Newsletter.

In the SCOPE News we find Co-op classes within our Chat Groups, or classes for a fee. These can help fill the gaps we need help with and allow additional opportunities for friendships to grow. Encouragement, prayer, friendship and help are flowing in our Chat Group meetings, too.

Miss a workshop at the Conference or just need a dose of encouragement? Borrow a CD from the SCOPE Library!

Our Conference allows us to learn, ask questions, see homeschool products and even reconnect with friends. And the workshops you missed? You can listen to them on CD’s that you can borrow from the SCOPE Library, too. You never know what treasure the Lord may have for you there! Check it out!

Having one of those homeschooling days and need to vent and be encouraged by someone who shares your convictions to homeschool/disciple for the Lord? For encouragement from a supportive, like-minded homeschooler, call someone in your Chat Group or your Chat Group leader (if you aren’t part of a Chat Group, call the leader nearest you)!

I have yet to find a homeschooler who does not get to the end of her rope, and nearly every time I have shared the truth about my own difficulties, not only am I ministered to and reminded of God’s work in what I am experiencing, but I find closer relationships are forged among us. Our relationships grow deeper, and I get the truth-filled encouragement I need in a safe, supportive environment. We are here to build each other up!