PRIVATE SCHOOL Affidavit and Other Related Information

File Between October 1-15

Information and how-to-fill-out-your-affidavit instructions will be updated and available October 1st on the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) website at this location:

Of course, if you are enrolled in a California Private School Satellite Program (PSP), sometimes referred to as an umbrella school or private ISP, you are included in their affidavit and you do not have to file one. If your student is enrolled in an out-of-state program or school, he or she also has to be enrolled in a California-addressed private school or homeschool, and included on a California private school affidavit. And if you are an independent homeschooler, California law requires that you file an affidavit in order for your children to be exempt from attending public school. It is an easy process.

For your peace of mind, the HSLDA instructions explain which items do not apply to you as a homeschool, and therefore can be left blank. We are only required to include information specifically mentioned in the California Education Code § 33190, and the online form (at least in previous years) delineate the required fields with asterisks. HSLDA makes this clear in their instructions.

Be sure you have ink in your printer when you file so that you can print a copy of the confirmation page for your records. Remember, the affidavit is simply a ‘notice of operation’ not an application that you submit for state approval. Furthermore, your (with five students or less) is not included in the California Private School Directory because of budget limits. Be assured, however, that this does not affects the legal status of your home-based, small private school (AKA your homeschool).

To avoid any misunderstanding or misinformation, or should you have any questions, SCOPE strongly recommends you contact HSLDA.  Public schools, school districts and the California Department of Education are knowledgeable in public school information, but have been known through the years to provide incorrect information regarding private homeschooling.  And remember, school districts and county offices of education are allowed only to verify that you have filed your affidavit, not demand specifics about your school.

If you are withdrawing your child from a public or private school, be sure to contact HSLDA for the best approach, so the process will be as hassle-free as possible.

And, as Family Protection Ministries (FPM) has written: “If a public school official were to contact you to see if your child is enrolled and in regular attendance at a private school, your responses should be courteous and professional. If they already have the name of your child, you can confirm that the child is enrolled and is in regular attendance in your private school. Otherwise, parent teachers of home-based private schools, as well as administrators of private school satellite programs (PSPs), should keep the names of their students and families confidential.”

HSLDA, FPM, California Home Educators Association (CHEA) and SCOPE are all available to answer questions on affidavits, but the instructions you’ll find at the site we’ve referenced here will be very clear. If you do not have internet access at home, you can use the library or a family member or friend’s computer; the affidavit cannot be filed by hardcopy anymore, though HSLDA can help you file a “Statement in Lieu” if you have no alternate internet access at all.

From October 1st to October 15th ~

 for Step-by-Step instructions for filing your Private School Affidavit form please go to:

 For Affidavit Help Call: HSLDA 540-338-5600 or SCOPE 916-668-0401